Do you know RE-BELLO?

I do and I like it!

What is it?

The dream of every lady!

Simple and modern design, sustainable and responsible project, environmentally friendly and innovative idea = Italian style.

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=I was excited when I saw the first presentation of Spring/Summer Collection 2017. Especially the presentation on the stage held by Daniel Tocca: I will never forget it, it was great, fun, cute, awesome…

This new, young and vibrant group creates fashion from plastic bottles, bamboo, eucalyptus, organic cotton… The idea seems strange, but it is really great. I can’t describe in words, I just hope one day to have the opportunity to see how it works!

Their design is funny and amusing, but what impressed me the most is that everything fits well. I was so surprised! In fact I have to say that, normally, when I go shopping, I’m use to try dozens of pants before finding the right one. In Re-Bello I’ve only tried two and they were both perfect. I was astonished!!!!!

I think Daniel and his team are great: I admire the courage they have, their ideas and the respect for people and the environment that always appear in their new creations.

And I even had the chance to bring home some of these creations: clothes, shirts, trousers… and maybe some of you will see me wearing these ;-))))

THANKS RE-BELLO![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]