In few days I decided to come to Lillehammer because I’m still looking for the perfect stock! I’ve tried many things during summer time and I learned a lot.

Henrik L’Abée – Lund was very kind with me and he is offering me hospitality in his beautiful house with his family. I am overwhelmed considering the hospitality of the athletes here. Even with Fanny Horn Birkeland and her husband I had the honor to have dinner and to train with her.

In this beautiful house of Henrik I feel very comfortable, the area and the training facilities here are very good. I’m just thrilled how Jan Olav finds quickly the way to prepare my new stock!

Thanks also to Kari Traa for the colorful support! I think these bright colors are perfect for me, because in most cases I am doing very well, I’m happy, cheerful and joyful. But I have to admit there are some days when I’m sad and I even cry. But I believe that is not bad and it’s simply normal when you loose your main model, my father. Nevertheless, I can look here smiling at the sky and remember than two days after his death, the Italian Mixed Relay won a bronze medal here in the Youth Olympic Games.

I was watching the competition on tv at home and I pray my father to help them to reach a medal. But the highest point of my memory was afterwards, when the Italian athletes, during the interview, dedicated the medal to my father. And he took even part here in Lillehammer at the 1994 Paraolympics.

The memory is the window
through we can see,
whenever we want.


THANK YOU Henrik & Kjersti – Jan Olav – Fanny & Lars Helge – Kari Traa