Many many thanks from the heart to all of you,

for all the good wishes, messages, sms, gifts … I’m very proud and surprised of all these signs!

It’s a while I would like to write how is going with me and how things are going! I am well and healthy again, which are two fundamental elements. I trained a lot, I worked on myself and I also enjoyed.

We had a nice training session in Antholz: we did some intense workouts and targeted some blacks points; ))))

We are close to the beginning of the season. Now we are in Norway in Trysil, a new place for everybody and we are curious about how it is and it will be.

I would like to express a big and sincere thanks to all my sponsors, partners and friends who help me and support me:

  • Loacker (my new main sponsor that I will introduce better during the season),
  • KiKu,
  • Südtirol,
  • Jungmann,
  • Fischer,
  • Julbo,
  • Swix,
  • Profanter,
  • Enervit-Enerzona,
  • Karpos,
  • Cyl,
  • X-Bionic,
  • 1000lenti,
  • Silberquarzit,
  • New Balance
  • Kari Traa.

And a special thanks goes to my main sponsor of the last two years: Tourist Association Racines. Really thank you for this sincere cooperation! I very much appreciate your support and I’m sure that many things without your help would still not be feasible or so beautiful!

I put this photo today as image for many reasons: first of all because it is my birthday. Thanks therefore to God, the universe and two people in love who have given me life: a life full of joy and surprises.

Death and life are two opposite things, but still very closed. Today I feel protected, followed, supported by something larger and more powerful (God, Universe, Dad, Angels …)

Because of that, I hope to me and to you, to look ahead, to continue your path full of hope, trust, love, faith…