New challenges, new sensations,

Every day is different, exciting and stimulating. I try to listen to my body and to hear the signs of need that constantly come from the small creature that is growing within me. A truly tremendous feeling.

The latest preparations for the future child are in progress, this week I was shopping at Jungmann. In the HAPPY BABY department I found everything I still missed. I have borrowed many things from friends and other contacts.

Especially I am very happy with my new stroller! Thank you Jungmann family.
It’s nice, because many many people, have given me or borrowed me small or big things. Used, new or handmade items. For each piece I am very happy because I felt that was given to me from the heart of each ones!!

Thank you all
for the things you have borrowed or given to me,
that you are near to me every day,
that you help me in every situation,
tor the suggestions and tips you give me,
that you are here for me / us!

I would like to say thank you also to the sponsors who continue to support me!

From the heart, Karin