That’s life

Only the time can try to heal wounds

There are moments when my tears flow because I miss him…

There are moments when I laugh with him in my heart and I’m so grateful that I had such a great father.

There are moments, moments that pass quickly and there are moments that last forever!

But what we do with the time it depends on us, we can be annoyed, sad, happy and grateful…

Last year I often dreamed my father. They were all beautiful and positive dreams, they made me happy and gave me strength. In the last dream we were in the mountains, on rocks and we didn’t know how to proceed. Then I felt the warm hand of my father in my hand. My interpretation of this dream is: he has always found a way, in every moment of his life, we just have to believe and never give up. He will always stay closed to me.

In another dream, I was at dinner when a father of a friend of mine entered into the dining room. My friend stood up and went to embrace his father. I looked to them and I admired the situation because that was exactly what I want since he died. And do you know what happened in the dream then? My father came quickly in the room with his wheelchair with his common big smile over his whole face… it was like he would like to say: I am always here!

The little miracle grows in my belly and I enjoy and appreciate it more and more!

Slowly I start to understand the reactions of my coaches, family, sponsors, friends and fans. They all understood that this little miracle is a gift from God.

In January I was sick for a long time, and I was a bit tired from the pregnancy status. Now I feel good again and I restart to train again: mostly cross-country skiing, strength training or swimming. I feel good when I can train in the open air. I have fun and it is good for body, but also for mind and soul.

I would like to thank sincerely all the people who were closed to me and my family during the last year!

Your smile lives in our hearts!

Thank you Daddy for everything!